in the beginning…

Do you wonder what it would be like to live in art? To be part of the painting or even the notes that hang in the air after played? We do. We have had that feeling in small pockets of our lives, from infinity mirror rooms to interactive displays or what we call atmospheric art, surrounded by sound, lights, and a plethora of tiny details. We want that again….and lots of it. Like a reality-altering dream that hangs in our mind long after we wake, we are always trying to get back to that perspective.

So, we created it.

Welcome to Noodlefish, an interactive, immersive art exhibit and center that puts you, any of you, at the center of the art. Explore multitudes of movements, points of view that you didn’t know existed, and become part of the canvas. This is not you, standing before a painting, looking at it. It is the art actively engaging you and involving you in the process.

Open yourself up. Explore, whatever your age. Let her reach out and pull you in. Become part of Noodlefish.

From September 10th to October 24th, you will be invited to experience this immersive environment and become part of art and an emerging movement. Our “proof of concept” will be available to the public for a nominal fee. We also invite you to submit feedback of the pop-up exhibit so that we can use that to make our goal of a permanent, large-scale center a reality for Erie County and all her visitors and friends.

Visit this space over the next few months for more updates, videos, pictures, and the continuing story of how Noodlefish was birthed.