Narcissus…Noodlefish Art Immersion at the Erie Art Museum. Open until September 17, 2022

“Ovid told the story of Narcissus, the youth who fell in love with his own reflection. This immersive installation allows us to observe our reflections and those often-perceived distortions.”

July – Oct, 2021 Noodlefish : Walk in Kaleidoscope Installation 1503 City Gallery. We are Fun!

Noodlefish Art Experience POC at 1503 State Street 2021
Jelly Fish Room Immersion Experience
Working on Reflection
It started with a strip of mylar. We played with it and …
what is a concept room?
Each room or area in the Noodlefish universe will have its own …

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Erie Gives Day is Tuesday, August 9th. Your donation will help support additional immersive art experiences!